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Madison Square Garden, colloquially known as The Garden or in initials as MSG, is a multi-purpose indoor arena in New York City. Located in Midtown Manhattan between 7th and 8th Avenues from 31st to 33rd Streets, it is situated atop Pennsylvania Station. It is the fourth venue to bear the name "Madison Square Garden"; the first two (1879 and 1890) were located on Madison Square, on East 26th Street and Madison Avenue, with the third Madison Square Garden (1925) further uptown at Eighth Avenue and 50th Street.

An employee shared his experience in a froum, "Hard it there . Everybody sucks! The job was terrible and unorganized. The managers don’t care about school plus the pay was HORRIBLE! Only thing nice was you can watch the games. The way they run things is very inconsistent. Managers are always in and out. There is always something changing because people do not stay there long. They have had unqualified people running things."


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Manuel Guerreiro says

"Nba ticket for March 29th I received an email from ticket monster saying I will be reimbursed. I explain that they cannot transfer the amount to the same card used to buy the tickets because the card had to be changed. They don’t answer and they don’t get my own reimbursement. Probably the worst service I ever experienced, I’m in this situation for 5 months already! Order Number: 1237028"

ldycat1170 says

"I bought tickets for Disney and Universal and the trip was cancelled due to the pandemic. I got everything back from Disney, but wanted to use AAA to buy the tickets. I regret that decision because we bought park hopper tickets, which cost more. Now Disney is not offering a park hopper option, but I won't get any refund for the difference. My mom and I are both immunocompromised and we won't be able to take the trip at all and I am out 1700.00 Please don't make the mistake of using this service even if you have vacation insurance because you won't get that money back"

Carl Streily says

"Ticket Monster is horrible! I bought Disney tickets through the AAA travel website. These sales are done by Ticket Monster, even though it’s the AAA website. Obviously my trip has been cancelled Due to Covid and unfortunately my financial situation has changed and I need a refund. Disney is graciously providing refunds but since Ticket Monster was involved, I have to go through them. I was told a month ago a refund would be sent. Never got it. Can’t get a customer service rep on the phone..waited 40 mins. Horrible. AAA is partly to blame here as well as they are passing responsibility on to Ticket Monster and are saying they can’t help me. Never book travel on the AAA website as AAA will not stand behind those purchases. And never deal with ticket monster. Order number is 19593450"

Shaun says

"AAA Ticketmonster Online Order #19957796 placed in March for a Red Sox game. Couldn't receive refund until game was actually canceled. Now that the game has been canceled, I can't seem to get a refund. Awful customer service. Will never buy tickets for anything through AAA again."

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